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Discreet, dignified DUI classes
adult & youth substance abuse treatment programs 
  1. DUI Level II Education
    Education is twelve weeks in length, one 2-hour session per week. Clients learn about the effects of substance use on the body, behaviors and situations that lead to impaired driving offenses, and how to minimize risks. The laws, penalties and courts/DMV roles are addressed. Education must be completed prior to beginning DUI Level II therapy.
  2. DUI Level II Therapy
    Therapy is 21 to 43 weeks in length, one 2-hour session per week. Group discussions center on the process of goal-setting and change, relationships, coping, communications, and relaxation skills, and stress management, among other topics. This is the first group therapy many folks have ever engaged in, and it can be fun and enlightening.
  3. Enhanced Outpatient (EOP)
    EOP is an additional weekly session for those engaged in another group, and is variable in length. EOP groups concentrate on skills and techniques folks can use to address their substance use and improve their lives. Progress towards goals and steps to reach goals are the focus of EOP treatment. Clients can move in and out of EOP based on their needs.
  4. Substance Abuse (SA)
    Substance Abuse group is a 2-hour weekly group for clients without a DUI charge, and is variable in length. The effects of substance use on many aspects of clients' lives are addressed. Clients discover the needs they are meeting by drinking or using drugs, and how those needs can be met without the detrimental effects their substance use has brought them.
  5. Youth Substance Abuse
    These are weekly, 2-hour groups for people under age 21 and are variable in length. Challenges facing adolescents are addressed with counselors and curricula aimed at helping today's youth with today's problems. The adolescent brain works differently than the adult brain, so different approaches work better to address substance use.
  6. Relapse Prevention (RP)
    Relapse Prevention group is a 2-hour weekly group similar to Substance Abuse group. Clients who have previously completed some treatment and achieved a period of abstinence meet to share successes and continue to learn and practice techniques to stay in recovery. Experiential exercises are the focus of this treatment. EOP is variable in length, based on client needs.
  7. Drug & Alcohol Evaluation
    Often times a probation department conducts an evaluation, and a judge orders treatment in accordance with this evaluation. Just as often, a judge orders this evaluation, and it is up to the client to obtain it. Premier Treatment Services offers these certified evaluations - it takes 2-3 hours. The official report is provided to the court, probation, or referring entity within ten days.
  8. Individual Counseling
    Substance abuse treatment generally works best in a group. However, 1-on-1 sessions can be scheduled at times convenient for the client. Sometimes a client "clicks" with a particular counselor. Some topics require more privacy, and some clients have extreme difficulties succeeding. Individual counseling can augment group treatment or, in some cases, replace mandatory group treatment when clinically justified.
  9. Mental Health Therapy/Evaluations
    Premier Treatment Services works with Medical Behaviorists Group (located in the same building) to provide mental health evaluations, therapy, and collaboration with prescribing physicians. So often, those with substance use disorders also have a mental disorder that can be helped with therapy - a "co-occurring disorder." Group and individual therapy are both available.